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Leadership Insights - May 2021

“If you would persuade, speak to interest, not to reason”

Benjamin Franklin


From “Poor Richard’s Almanac"

A Buffett Buffet

If it’s spring it’s time for the annual report of legendary investor Warren Buffett. Investors large and small look forward to the yearly missive of the Sage of Omaha and partner his Charlie Munger which was released last week. Here's a “Buffett Buffet” that features a five minute video summary:

The Humor Cliff

Do you know the difference between a 4-year-old and 40-year-old.? The toddler laughs 300 times daily; it takes the 40-year-old two and a halfmonths to laugh that much according to research summarized by author Daniel Pink (“To Sell is Human” “Drive”). Mr. Pink offers links to a humor test you can take and to the research itself and explores “why humor is a secret weapon in business in life” Take two minutes for his video that will show youhow to avoid falling off the humor cliff.

Workforce Post-Pandemic Personas

It seems like every company is struggling to find great employees. An equally important problem is retaining and reintegrating the employees we had before and during the pandemic into a cohesive team.

Covid forced a work from home experiment that was successful in keeping our businesses going but also offered options that many employees found to their liking….and don’t wish to give up. Some workers can't wait to get back, some workers are afraid to come back for health reasons, some want to do as they will, and some just simply don't want to come back and prefer to work from home.

This short article from Fast Company focuses on how ”identifying different types of workers—and their respective interest in returning to the office—is key to building a dynamic team post-pandemic.” The talent you want will find choices regarding workplaces that meet their needs. It’s a “seller’s market.”

Understanding who needs what is a first step towards winning.

Econ Recon

“Plan with Confidence”: Brian Beaulieu of ITR Economics reminds us “The consumer drives the economy.” The consumer is strong currently and Mr. Beaulieu believes the data shows there’s “dry powder” in the form of savings that will continue to drive it going forward. Check out his recent blog post Surging Sales which Mr. Beaulieu feels should allow you to “Plan with Confidence.”


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