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What to spend on marketing in 2021: A story of a digital revolution

This week in our Vistage CEO peer group meeting a CEO asked his peers how to determine the best level of spend on Google adwords. His goal is to increase new business leads. A robust discussion followed and this member came away with some good recommendations and an action commitment.

This is a common question I hear, so when I saw this article I decided to share it. Author Marc Emmer is a nationally-sought-after presenter on strategic planning with a focus on effective marketing. He works with leading small/medium businesses (SMBs) nationwide. In this article he shows the accelerating trend of SMBs investing in various digital marketing platforms.

Marc also describes how to choose and use KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure business (and marketing) performance, and how to use them to focus your team on those activities that most move the needle.

We're privileged to have Marc lead a workshop with our CEO group in March on strategy and marketing. The CEOs in our group will undoubtedly see a better ROI on their marketing spend and grow their business faster with less marketing waste.


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