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Leadership Insights - August 2023

“A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader.

A great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves.”

Eleanor Roosevelt


First Lady of the United States 1933-1945

Attitude vs. Behavior

We all know that culture is a driving force in any organization’s culture. But what in turn drives culture? For Vistage employment law speaker Hunter Lott, he defines culture as “the behavior you hire for, fire for, reward and tolerate.

Mr. Lott warns that executives need to be careful to not confuse behavior, which can be regulated, with attitude which cannot. Learn more in his recent 5 minute “Take 5” video “Attitude vs. Behavior” and offers “a behavior standard” that might find a place in your employee handbook.

Bonus: Mr. Lott has made all his “Take 5 Videos” on employment law questions available on YouTube. Check out his @PleaseSueMeTV YouTube Channel. Share with your HR Departments.

Thanks, Mr. Lott.

Fumbled Sales Empathy

President Theodore Roosevelt’s famous remark that “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care,” can serve as great description of empathy. But even when well-intentioned, it’s a skill that needs awareness and some practice, especially in the sales process.

It’s easy to come off as less-than-empathetic when we fail to appreciate what real empathy feels like to the receiver.. and what gets in the way of delivering it.

Vistage speaker, sales trainer and nationally known expert on the application of emotional intelligence to the sales process Collen Stanley offers a very helpful tutorial to help you avoid the “FUMBLEs” that can negatively impact sales leadership.

How many of these obstacles to real empathy get between your salespeople and your customers?

The Inescapable Cycles of Success

“A lot of mistakes in life come when you think risk is something caused by external forces, when in fact the weight of your own success is enough to pull you down without any outside help.” says financial writer Morgan Housel.

If you read only one selection in this month's blog, read this one. Mr. Housel looks at the role that cyclicality plays in world history, and in our personal successes (and failures), and offers some advice for managing it versus merely being swept along by it.

It’s important, because Everything is Cyclical.....especially your success.

Econ Recon: “Good News for the Home Team”

ITR’s Brian Beaulieu’s most recent Fed Watch shares some “good news for the home team” with a thoughtful assessment of what the Fitch downgrade of US debt means and some indications that the Fed may be moderating its push on interest rates.

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