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As a Vistage Member,

It's Never Lonely at the Top


If you are like my other chief executive members, not only can it feel extremely lonely at the top, but it can also be daunting to find trustworthy and agenda-free guidance when you need it the most.


Vistage changes all of that. As one of my members, you will become part of a local, tight-knit group of CEOs dedicated to each other’s mutual success. Additionally, as part of Vistage, you join a community of over 20,000 CEO and executive members from around the world. Together we are committed to helping high-integrity leaders be the best versions of themselves for their companies, families, and communities.


I invite you to learn more.


The Vistage Solution


It all starts with a group.

At the heart of the Vistage experience is the confidential peer advisory group. Once a month, you meet to work through challenges and opportunities with 12 to 16 high-caliber executives from non-competing organizations. These peers can help you vet solutions in ways your subordinates cannot.


An accomplished business leader facilitates.

An executive mentor (Chair), who is a highly accomplished business leader, guides group discussions using a proven framework for processing issues and staying focused. Your Chair also meets with you for one-to-one executive coaching to dive deeper into your challenges and opportunities.



Thought leaders challenge your thinking.

Learn from world-class speakers at workshops, regional events and boot camps. They’ll spark innovative approaches to optimizing your business and activate new ideas for personal development.


Research prompts action.

Vistage Research collaborates with the top minds in business to create salient insights for small and midsize businesses. Our thoughtful reports, analyses and webinars help you prepare your organization for the future.



A global network supports.

Connect with business leaders around the world for real-time advice, referrals, and troubleshooting through our online networks. Choose from 22 networks based on industry or special interests.


Events motivate, inform and inspire.

Come together for large-scale or intimate exclusive events to access the experience, wisdom, and insights of your business peers. Provide great opportunities to grow your network with like-minded high achievers.


Consider Joining Me If:

1. You are seeking to achieve better results in all aspects of your life

My members not only tend to live more prosperous and fulfilled lives, but their businesses regularly outperform the competition and achieve higher levels of sustainable growth.

2. You could benefit from a trusted group of peers with no strings attached

Members of my group become like family. We develop a unique loyalty to one another based on mutual respect. We hold each other accountable and help each other confront their most pressing challenges. Each of us becomes deeply vested in each other’s mutual success.

3. You have a desire to grow both professionally and personally

I take great pride in working with each of my members to help them reach the top of their game so they can maximize the positive impact they make to their companies, employees, families, and communities.


If this sounds like something that might be right for you, or if you would simply like more information, I welcome the opportunity for us to connect.


Ryan Clark

President & CEO

The Town Dock

I’ve been a Vistage member for seven years.  The aggregate of everything I’ve applied has made us larger and more successful now than we have ever been.


Brian Casey, President

Pariseault Builders

I felt overwhelmed by the amount of change I wanted to make and did not have a good handle on where to start.  Vistage was instrumental in assisting me with prioritizing the tasks and systematically updating my business structure and future plans.  I now feel like I am in a better position to grow my company while still making time to spend with my family.


Debra Paul, CEO


As a first time CEO of an organization I felt very alone, not having a group of peers

to talk to.  Vistage gives me a peer group that I can bounce ideas off of and help work through issues.  The feedback that I receive from my peers is just amazing. The wealth of experience that is available to CEOs far outweighs the cost.


Tim Hebert, CEO


You can find many excuses not to explore Vistage. But the real question is “what’s it costing you not to invest in yourself?"

If you could double your

annual profits by investing a day a month ... would you explore it?

Jeff Gardner.jfif

Jeff Gardner, CEO

Carousel Industries

One thing I’ve taken away from the group is accountability.  You go to the group meeting and talk about some of the things you’re going to get done in the next 30-60 days, and you’re accountable to the group to

get those things done... 


Michael Black, President


Running an organization can be lonely at times; the one thing with Vistage is that you feel you are never alone.

Member Stories

laura adams speaking.jpg

Laura Adams

Founder, Rhode Island Quality Institute

Laura worked in senior leadership roles in the health care industry since she was 23 years old. However, much of her success was accelerated as a member of Vistage. Now, she's founded a new organization as well as having recently been named one of the most powerful women in health care technology.

michael black work.jpg

Michael Black

CEO/Owner, National Marker Corporation

Michael  joined Vistage early on in his career at National Marker Company where he drove 60 percent of the sales. With the guidance of his Vistage group, he was able to purchase the company and rapidly expand growth and revenue in unimaginable ways.

Vistage By The Numbers


More than 60 years bringing together successful CEOs, business owners, and key executives into confidential peer advisory groups.



More than 23,000 members in 20 countries worldwide.


2.2 X

Vistage member companies grew 2.2 times faster than average small and midsize U.S. businesses.


* 2017 study of Dun & Bradstreet data.

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