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Leadership Insights - December 5, 2019

"My first message is: Listen; listen, listen to the people who do the work." - H. Ross Perot

A Simple Rule

We all want more simplicity in our lives and companies that win seem to enjoy a success that is characterized by simplicity, not complexity.   But how do you make things simple?

This short Inc article offers relevant advice from an organization that is synonymous with success:  The United States Marine Corps.  The Marines have a simple rule that has served them well during their illustrious history.  Take a moment for a simple rule they use  to organize almost everything.

Bottom of the Barrel Hiring

We all know there's a war for talent but the latest battle is being fought in what was once considered the "bottom of the hiring barrel;"  drug users and those of criminal conviction record.  This short article and video from CNN will explain why some employers are taking a chance, and giving a chance, to those who a few years ago would have had no chance. Find out how employers are finding ways to effectively  employ those with problematic backgrounds. 

Taking "Yes" for An Answer

Much of life is a negotiation.  If you'd like to be better, quickly, in this crucial life skill,  I strongly suggest you take 90 minutes for a podcast with the FBI's former lead international kidnapping negotiator, Chris Voss.   Mr. Voss will give you an overview of the "The Art of Letting Other People Have YOUR Way."     After you listen to the podcast, I am sure you'll  buy and study his book  "Never Split the Difference."  Do this before you negotiate anything else of importance.

Econ Recon

A Capex Trifecta:   The only consideration of major business decisions as important as whether to proceed is when to proceed.   Capital expenditures are usually a big irreversible decision that every CEO needs to get right.  ITR President Alan Beulieu offers three criteria for big ticket items  in a short blog posting that may help you make a better call on when to pull the capex trigger.  Check out his Top Three Considerations for Capital Investments .... A timely read given that most companies are in the planning process while wondering if a possible recession should cause them to defer or delay equipment decisions.


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