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Leadership Insights - February 2021

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.

Art is know which ones to keep.”


(by Scott Adams)

Mid-Size Company Pandemic Future

Small companies have the benefit of being agile; large companies have momentum and resources. What about Midsize Companies (most Vistage companies) and their path ahead? This short HBR post notes that “Midsize companies in particular have a unique opportunity to rethink their pathways to growth in a changed world.” Check out these five C-Level suggestions that address the question "Is your mid-size company designed for a post pandemic future?"

Something Ventured…..

One of the giant Venture Capitalists is Vinod Khosla who before starting venture capital firm Khosla Ventures was one of the founders of Sun Microsystems. One of Khosla’s employees, Kristina Simmons, just stepped down from the firm and took time to share the mentoring she received from Mr. Khosla during her tenure with the firm. Those looking to start and invest in growing businesses might do well to spend 10 minutes studying A Few Lessons from Vinod Khosla. (thanks to fellow Vistage Chair in LA Jed Daly for this article).

Security Begins at Home

It’s said that “charity begins at home” and so does security for your Work From Home employees. Vistage Speaker and Certified Ethical Hacker Mike Foster has three great tips for your team members’ home computer configurations that will impact productivity and security.

Check out Mr. Foster’s recommendations on coping with home power outages, WFH ransomware attacks and FREE software services that protect your employees home setup from malicious sites without an additional hardware investment. (Please check with your company IT department first).

Econ Recon

Heat or Light?: During any election cycle (and certainly in 2020) both parties make dire predictions of what lies ahead for the economy if the other side wins. Many on the right feared that the Democratic Party capture of the White House and the Senate, and continued control of the House, would impair the recovery from Covid. It’s important to try to separate “the heat from the light” in such times.

In a recent blog post, Brian Beaulieu of ITR Economics offers a very interesting and concise, data backed, unpacking of politics and economics. He advises that the “current political party alignment does not mean you should assume slow growth is ahead.” His comments on the stock market are also worth reading. Check out What the Political Alignment Means for the Economy.


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