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Leadership Insights - January 2022

“Life is change. Growth is optional.”

Karen Kaiser Clark

Author, Educator

The New Weapon in the War for Talent

Many middle market companies feel that they cannot compete with big enterprises when it comes to pay, etc. But a Gallop survey from last year found that “workers aged 18 to 24 consider upskilling a more important benefit than retirement, sick leave, parental leave, life insurance and vacation. Even among workers aged 55 and older, more than half (53%) say upskilling is "very" or "extremely" important. Recognizing and acting on this simple fact right now creates a timely advantage.”

Visit the Gallup website for more insights on How to Win the “Great Resignation” and then check out the Vistage website for some programs that may help you offer compelling development opportunities.

Five Easy IT Security Pieces

IT Security is complex for the professionals who protect us. It can be completely mystifying for unschooled executives. You can’t shed your dependence on IT professionals, but you can understand the fundamentals of protecting your enterprise. Vistage Speaker and IT Security guru Mike Foster has a great refresher tutorial for the C-Level. Executives: Five Key Cybersecurity Steps to Protect Your Organization and the Vital Timing.

Dr. Galloway’s 2022

You can always count on two things at the end of December: Lots of looking back and lots of looking forward. My favorite version of this comes from those who first review their prior year bets and then share their take on the year ahead, along with some analysis of whether they were lucky or smart.

There are many thought leaders whose retrospectives for 2021 and predictions for 2022 that I could share, but my “never miss an issue” blogger is Dr. Scott Galloway in his “No Mercy, No Malice” blog. Check out his 2022 Predictions and a look back at what he got right, and wrong in his 2021 calls.

Count Your Blessings…Differently

It’s been said that it’s hard to be truly happy without being truly grateful. But do you know to “do” gratitude right? You can certainly make a list of all the things you’re thankful for (or should be). But research has shown that merely counting your blessings for many people may not be enough. How you think about them is necessary for your blessings to have an impact on your happiness. Daniel Pink offers a simple mental trick to get your 2022 launched with an attitude of gratitude. If you to learn more about Mr. Pink’s suggestion here’s some follow-up on the research supporting this.

Econ Recon

The Peak in the Distance: ITR Economics looks ahead to an upcoming economic peak – and what’s on the other side. ITR Economist and Speaker Lauren Saidel-Baker will tell you in a brief podcast (with accompanying text) her thoughts about Upcoming Business Cycle Peak.

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