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Leadership Insights - March 2023

“Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries.”

James A. Michener


American Novelist

Author of “Tales of the South Pacific,” “Chesapeake” and “Centennial”

How Adding Two Letters Can Boost Your Powers of Persuasion

Most of the requests we make of others be they peers, superiors or subordinates usually ask someone to do something. There’s usually a verb that demands an action such as “give”, “take”, “sign up”, “vote”, “contribute” etc.

Management writer Daniel Pink in a recent blog post interviews Jonah Berger from the Wharton School who suggests that adding “-er” to these verbs in our requests to make them nouns can make a world of difference in our success. A five minute video from Mr. Pink’s Pinkcast, “Here’s how adding two letters can boost your powers of persuasion.”

AI : The Next Generation

The Vistage community has great resources that are available to both members and non-members to keep us up to date on the latest AI developments.

Recently several great Vistage speakers got together for a 60-minute, C-Level presentation on this topic. They provide an excellent high-level view of what ChatGPT is, examples of how it can drive marketing and sales and what the pitfalls are.

This may revolutionize business. Find out if it will revolutionize yours.

Also, Vistage IT Security Pro Mike Foster’s blog should be bookmarked. His most recent post discusses the newly revealed version, Chat GPT-4. In addition, he has a great list of useful artificial intelligence sites for specific applications.

What Fortune Favors

The founder of modern microbiology, Louis Pasteur, remarked that “Fortune favors the prepared mind” The same is true for companies..

Outside accounting firms and lawyers have long contributed to the health of many businesses, but CEOs might be well advised to consult investment bankers, even if their company is not ready to sell. A one page article from Chief Executive Magazine explains why: Investment Bankers: A User’s Guide for CEOs.

The Top HR Opportunities and Challenges for 2023

Gartner is one of the world’s best business research organizations and it has recently published an article listing what it thinks are the most Human Resource opportunities and challenges in 2023.

These challenges are presented in graphic form below and are further described in an accompanying Gartner article: “9 Future of Work Trends for 2023.”

Econ Recon: Beyond Crazy

ITR Economics has a few choice words about the SVB debacle (‘they did it to themselves”)….but suggests you look beyond the crazy banking situation and the Fed’s response. Don’t let the current banking fiasco divert your attention from the other actions of the Fed and their impact on the real economy. His March 17, 2023, edition of ITR’s “Fed Watch” explains why.

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