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Leadership Insights - Sept 5, 2019

"I have learned that the best way to lift one's self up is to help someone else." - Booker T. Washington

Habits Female CEOs Left Behind

Experts on business strategy tell us that what we decide not to do is as important as what we do.  It's true in our personal lives as well as business and particularly so in the habits we acquire.  For a primer on the eight habits successful female CEOs are kickingcheck out this Fast Company Article which appeared in their "Strong Female Lead" section. 

Procrastination, Properly Understood

It's the rare individual who has not experienced procrastination or been impacted by another's failure to deal with it.  If we understood this common phenomenon better, our own productivity would soar and we'd have a new tool for helping others take their own performance to a new level.   

If you'd like a very insightful article on why you and those you lead put things off (and what to do about it) , check out this offering (article and video) from TED that shares a simple "equation" that may change your life .....and that of a few others.  

Well worth your time (So don't procrastinate!  Read it!  Right Now! 😊)

Three Dumb Mistakes

Success is always a combination of smarts and luck, and it's not always clear what role each has played in organizations that make it big . Avoiding mistakes is another name for smarts and entrepreneur Mark Cuban offers some commentary on the Dumbest Mistakes That Entrepreneurs make.

Econ Recon

Omens and Portents : Various metrics such as the yield curve and consumer sentiment are being bandied about are harbingers of a downturn.   Perhaps a few minutes with Brian Beaulieu of ITR Economics will help you understand the relative value of economic 'omens and portents.' How much is signal, and how much is noise?  He explains which ones are useful in understanding the future course of the economy ...and which ones are not.


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