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Leadership Insights - September 2023

“Nothing is more dangerous than an idea

when it’s the only one you have.”

Emile Chartier


French Philosopher and Journalist

Doing Accountability Well

Colonel Teschner was Vistage’s 2022 speaker of the year and for good reason. He has provided thousands of our CEO and C-Level members across the country with insights into creating meaningful accountability using the “mission debrief” process that he taught at the USAF F-15 Weapons School and that he employed as an F-22 Squadron Commander.

Col. Teschner usually conducts half day workshops for our members, but two weeks ago he presented a 60-minute webinar for everyone in which he shares an overview of how to make accountability a constructive element of attraction, performance improvement and retention instead of something to be feared. Col. Teschner will introduce you to “De-Weaponized Accountability For High Performing Teams.”

After you’ve spent an hour with Col. “Cujo” check out his book: Debrief to Win.”

Are you Liable to be Liable?

One of the most under-appreciated innovations in the history of the business was the introduction of the limited liability corporation.

Prior to its emergence in the 1600’s, anyone starting a business could lose not only their investment but be held personally responsible for ALL the debts of the corporation. In those days, many failed entrepreneurs and executives found themselves (and their families) in debtor’s prison until their debts were paid (Charles Dickens’ own father, mother and all his siblings were imprisoned for the senior Dickens’ debts).

However, NOT all personal liability in a corporation has been eliminated….even for non-owner managers and executives.

Vistage speaker and employment law expert Hunter Lott points out several employment law traps that can result in significant personal liability exposure for HR Managers and other executives.

Do you know what these traps are? Find out before you fall in to one. Mr. Lott’s recent five-minute video tutorial will bring you up to speed on Personal Liability 2023.

How AI Will Unleash an Innovation Revolution

Vistage Speaker Marc Emmer suggests that the invention of AI in the form of ChatGPT is no different than the other great inventions of the past three centuries (e.g., steam, electricity, microprocessors) which spawned innovations that created a standard of living that our ancestors could not have imagined.

However, he also reminds us that these innovations have invariably been accompanied by what economists have long called “creative destruction. ChaptGPT/AI will be the cause of enormous disruption in terms of disrupted or destroyed industries and job dislocation. But if history is any guide, they should be worth the cost.

Mr. Emmer’s recent article “How AI will unleash an innovation revolution” recaps where we’ve been, and where AI will likely take us. It may take a few years but as Arthur C. Clark, who created the character of the artificially intelligent computer HAL 9000 in his novel “2001: A Space Odyssey" warned, “technological advances are vastly overrated in the short run…..and vastly underrated in the long run.”

13 Steps to OUTLIER Success

If anyone is associated with success in the field of Artificial Intelligence it’s Sam Altman, CEO of Open AI, the leading firm in the AI field.

In a recent blog post he reflects on his own success, and that of others, and extracts some valuable principles that may help make choices that lead not only to success, but, as he calls it, OUTLIER success.

Not all his advice will be easy to hear, but it has the advantage of being clear. Check out his 13 thoughts on achieving OUTLIER success.

Econ Recon: “One More Time”

In this edition of ITR Economics’ Fed Watch, economist Brian Beaulieu looks at Chairman Powell’s remarks on interest rates at Jackson Hole. Mr. Beaulieu shares his bet on more interest rate hikes.

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