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Strategic Planning Meeting Facilitation

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Achieve your Vision faster by fully engaging your team.

The most effective teams have clarity on the Vision, are focused on goals, and have high trust and collaboration.

Scott facilitates senior team meetings to help them develop a strategic roadmap, and then stay focused on executing the plan through the year by quarterly or semi-annual team check-ins. 

Over the course of two to three years the teams clarify their Vision, goals and initiatives to achieve the goals.  Teams build trust, work more collaboratively, and get energized by notching accomplishments. 

If you want to improve your team’s strategic clarity and energize execution, contact Scott today.

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Ryan Clark


The Town Dock

This is the third time we’ve brought Scott in to facilitate our senior team strategic planning offsite.

 Scott did an excellent job by helping us identify challenges

and opportunities and get our team aligned around the few most important things that will most help us achieve our vision.   


He sets us up for success by coming away with clear metrics and senior team accountabilities.

Scott’s experience leading groups of CEOs and business owners enables him to push when needed, slow down when appropriate, so that everyone stays engaged and focused throughout.  


Our team members all find the sessions valuable and enjoyable.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Scott to facilitate any strategic offsite.

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