I help CEOs uncover their blind spots.


I’m Scott Thurber

When I decided to start a Vistage peer group it was always about the difference I can make in helping others fulfill their potential.


Members of my groups overcome isolation and get confidential, trusted, agenda-free advice from their peers. As a result members grow as leaders and grow their companies 2-3 times faster than average companies, with more life balance.

Coaching clients improve focus, self-awareness, leadership and performance. Strategic planning meeting clients achieve greater clarity and alignment on company goals, improved trust and more successful execution of their strategic plans.

If you are a CEO, President, Managing Partner, owner or senior executive looking for a transformational way to grow, let's connect!

Here to Help You Succeed

As a Vistage Executive Coach, I work with executives across a wide spectrum of backgrounds and industries. Aside from often feeling lonely at the top, the one thing all my members have in common is a passionate desire to become better – better leaders, better decision-makers, better role models. Vistage helps achieve this by not only providing world-class executive coaching, but also the most robust and comprehensive leadership development programs on the market.


If you’ve been seeking a reliable and trusted source for honest, agenda-free guidance to help you navigate uncertainty and achieve better results, Vistage just might be what you’ve been looking for.

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"I look at my career since joining Vistage and I can’t help but see a great track record of success."

Laura Adams


Rhode Island Quality Institute

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"Scott has been instrumental to my leadership transformation. Scott is an incredible listener and always gives sound advice."

Michael Black

Owner and CEO

National Marker Corporation


"I have worked with Scott for over three years, and he has really helped our company. He has the unique ability to listen, understand, and get to the heart of an issue."

Tom Kellogg



How Do You Prepare for Uncertainty?


The Seven Critical Areas to Prepare for an Uncertain Future


An analysis of CEO confidence found that confidence in the economy has plummeted to the lowest level since the Great Recession of 2008. In a slowing economy compounded by a great deal of uncertainty, it's critical for leaders to make strategic decisions around hiring, investments and growth.

Learn how to successfully navigate:

  • Economy: Preparing for a post-expansion environment

  • Policy: Contending with unsettled trade, tariff and tax policies

  • Talent: Employee retention is a top challenge

  • Operations: Protecting your data is foundational

  • Financials: Rates of change in key KPIs uncover deeper insights

  • Customers: Growing sales in the face of new buying dynamics

  • Leadership: Creating a conscious culture is critical to success

CEO Economic Confidence Report

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