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Grow as a leader.

Build the perfect team.

Fulfill your potential.


Scott Thurber

Vistage Chair,
CEO Coach

If you're like most successful CEOs and senior executives, you are passionate about growing as a leader and making your company better.  You also want to make a lasting impact but are not sure how best to accomplish that.  You know you don't have all the answers.  You want advice.  But who can you trust?  


Successful leaders find trusted, agenda-free advice in my Vistage CEO peer groups.  Members get confidential, honest feedback from successful peers running non-competing businesses.  


As a result members grow as leaders. They build better teams that outperform their competition.  [Dunn & Bradstreet reports that Vistage members grow 2.2 times faster than average small businesses]. 

Members find they have more time to invest in what's most important to them:  fulfilling their potential/purpose and strengthening their most important relationships.

If you are a CEO, owner or senior executive tired of trying to do it alone, thinking there's a better way but not knowing who to turn to for agenda-free advice, let's talk.  Contact me for a confidential exploratory conversation.

About Scott


In his 15 year tenure as a Vistage CEO peer group chair and executive coach Scott Thurber has worked with CEOs, owners and senior executives at more than 50 companies in over 35 different industries in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  Over this time he has provided over 3,500 hours of coaching to members and clients.

Members of Scott’s Vistage groups have achieved stretch goals both in business and personally. Many have won Best Places to Work and Fastest Growing Companies awards, multiple times.  Many members have exited their businesses via a sale and enjoyed premium valuations.

Other members have gained clarity on and accomplished life-changing personal goals.  One has stopped smoking.  Another dealt with a family member addiction.  Another established a succession plan. 

Many members choose to give back in their success.  One was a mentor to a fatherless teen.  Another builds homes for the homeless.  Another engages in significant philanthropy in the community.

Scott's Vistage chairing and coaching work draws on his 21 years in B2B sales, marketing and strategic planning, initially at a global chemical company; as a consultant to companies commercializing leading technologies; and most recently as an executive coach to over 50 small business owners and senior executives. 

The source of Scott's passion to help executives is his belief that everyone is gifted with a unique combination of skills, experience and passions that, when harnessed, enable them to lead in their own authentic way.  They achieve their unique purpose/potential.  When they do this well they enjoy life balance, meaningful relationships and a sense of lasting fulfillment..

Scott has a B-school masters degree, an undergraduate degree in engineering and is a certified executive coach.




laura adams.jpeg

"I look at my career since joining Vistage and I can’t help but see a great track record of success."

Laura Adams


Rhode Island Quality Institute

michael black.jpeg

"Scott has been instrumental to my leadership transformation. Scott is an incredible listener and always gives sound advice."

Michael Black

Owner and CEO

National Marker Corporation


"I have worked with Scott for over three years, and he has really helped our company. He has the unique ability to listen, understand, and get to the heart of an issue."

Tom Kellogg



CEO Economic Confidence Report

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